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My Dollar Now Blocked - cant do anything

New Community Member

My Dollar Now Blocked - cant do anything


I am from Bangladesh, i work in fiverr as freelancer , in march 2, 2020 i created a account in paypal and withdraw money $328 from fiverr but on a sudden paypal blocked and telling to submit few doc , i submitted the doc what i had, but paypal resulation center told me they will not open my account after 180 days will email me by informing how i will get back the money. But now 180 days more passed now i logged in paypal and seeing dollar in account but i see nothing in the resulation center, even they are telling i cant open in tickets or something. They asked me to contact with sender but fiverr team telling they cant do action for refund. Even in paypal i have no way to communicate with paypal team. How can i get back my fund.


Thank you