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My Child Used My PayPal Without Permission

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My Child Used My PayPal Without Permission

My child made an order of  $162.79 without permission.  It wasn't intentional theft; he misunderstood PayPal.  When he finally asked me for help (less than an hour later), I notified the sales website in three different ways (there was no provision on the site for order cancellation) and cancelled the order.  I got nothing from them except an order confirmation, to which I immediately responded again with all the information and again requested cancellation of the order. I also filed an action with PayPal, but I guess that because it was made from my computer, they ruled against me and allowed the order to process.  Do I have any other recourse?  I didn't consider technically fraud, just misuse or use without permission.  Thx.

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Re: My Child Used My PayPal Without Permission



Your only recourse is to protect others from using your password to make paypal transactions on your personal paypal account as its your responsibility to make sure you keep it safe.

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