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Motorcycles paid through paypal.


Motorcycles paid through paypal.

My husband sold a motorcycle through Ebay. It was advertised as a barn find and restoration project. Also were listed the things which needed doing along with the import info and the fact it was registered on the NOVA system. At the last minute a buyer from Luxembourg bid and won it. He shortly after the auction contacted my husband to ask if he shipped to Luxembourg and if do how much. My hubby went out of his way to help the guy and for £450 arranged for it to be delivered. Shortly after delivery emails started to arrive. Claiming it was rubbish. Illegal without proper paperwork etc. My hubby explained the Nova system in the UK and told him what he should do. The buyer has now gone to paypal and opened a return and complaint. PayPal are holding nearly 3 thousand pounds of our money, and telling us we should send a returns label for it to be returned. This should be done by a set date. If not a full refund will be issued and we may loose our bike. So we could be £900 down in delivery charges and 3 thousand pounds down as the guy still has our bike. When are ebay and paypal going to sort out their unfair and unreasonable returns and refund policy. This may mean we loose our business as we are unable to loose that sort of money. Even holding it is a real problem we are unable to purchase other parts which are needed. We have telephoned ebay, they can see the correspondence and they are still being unreasonable. Where do we go from here. What do we do. Any ideas. Uk
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Re: Motorcycles paid through paypal.



Contact paypal and state that buyer protection does not cover motor vehicles so if its a paypal dispute and NOT an Ebay dispute they should close it.

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