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Money stolen by paypal!


Money stolen by paypal!

Paypal has limited my account without any explanation and after waiting 180 days now I got the surprise of having 0 balance and all my money transferred to PayPal without any reason or notice. Previously have told me will be able to get my money back after these waiting days but now I have no money in the balance. Can somebody help me with this illegal and abusive situation? 


Re: Money stolen by paypal!

Hi @Naivechild


I can certainly understand your concern. 

When an account is created every account holder has to agree to our User Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy. As noted  in our Acceptable Use Policy, if an account holder violates our Acceptable Use Policy, we may hold funds for up to 180 days, and debit the PayPal account for the violations, and take legal action against the account holder to recover additional losses we incur. The specific activities that may subject the account holder to damages by PayPal can be found in the Acceptable Use Policy


I hope this information helps!



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