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Money reclaimed

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Money reclaimed

Hey, I sold a virtual item on ebay, received the money etc. but after a while the buyer wanted the money back, that's a fraud, he would then have the item and the money. what can i do can someone help me?
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Re: Money reclaimed

Just before Christmas, I was given money as a gift, then money was on hold. Paypal sent me a message saying not to send items until the hold was lifted. I was confused because I didn't know exactly what PP was talking about?  WHAT ITEMS?? HE gave me $150 i received about $143. 

i called and texted  my friend,  Who texted me  back  saying that he was on the phone with PP and he would "sort it out. He said cheers luv im on it! then later - "its taken care of"  Later that day the money was released and i used it to pay a bill which was overdue. What a blessing I thought! Then just a few days later, over Christmas...  i received a notice from PP saying that my friend was disputing it..again, I texted him and he said  " I disputed the other one at the wrong address. PP is cray cray.." His words ( originally i gave him the wrong email address I hardly ever use PP i didn't even know which email was connected to it. I had to double check.).  So, I thought nothing of it, and didn't respond to the notice from PP. I wish I had now.

I have text messages between the both of us after that.. conversations between friends??? (Merry Christmas and  I hope your Moms feeling better ect...) Right up till January 2021. Then today i received an email from PP saying i had notifications...  Upon checking my account I was being charged $165.00..  I left my friend a message asking what happened and why.. ??  He didn't answer, so i sent a text. Saying again why?  When I finally got on the PP site.  I found out that PP had  banned me saying that it was because of the nature of my business WHAT?  I  did think it was unusual  that he would gift me money using  Paypal, its not like we ere in a different country or even city for that matter.  I wonder how many times this has happened on his part.. We hung out and i ran his lines with him, ( he's a actor ) had dinner together- NOW that i think of It seemed a little odd.

Then tonight, less than a hour after I asked him to call me.. He blocked his number.. Quite ridiculous and I don't really know what his end game was..

But it seems like fraud. Or a scam?   i have our texts, proof that everything im saying is true..  

I hardly ever use PP i didn't even know which email was connected to it. I had to double check..   HOWEVER I'm being charged NOW. This is SO VERY time consuming... and completely UNFAIR..  I look forward to finding out more . Please help!