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Money not Received Friends and family

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Money not Received Friends and family

I sent some money to my mother .  I used her gmail address.  She got the money .

I then a few days later sent her some more money by clicking on her photo or saying repeat transaction  (dont recall which)

She never got the money, i then looked and noticed that paypal had sent it too her aol address.  I never enter her aol address in too the system,

and she had removed it from her account,  now they are saying the money was received but she does not have it and when she asked  paypal 

they say they have no record of it and that the transaction Id is wrong but she gave the transaction ID that i give her, which came direct from paypal.


What can we do?


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Re: Money not Received Friends and family



Does she still own that aol email address? If so if she adds it to her paypal account and confirms it then the funds should show, you can have up to 8 email addresses on the 1 paypal account.

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