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Money frozen/fake information/what do I do?


Money frozen/fake information/what do I do?

Hello guys,

When I first created my PayPal account I was skeptical because of the country that I live in (Poland). I thought only "traditional" banks would be available to gain money, but I started selling my services (spiritual) for money. I don't remember exactly where I made my account, but yeah. So, ever since I started getting money, it was all okay: but I realized that people were concerned about my fake information (Auntie Poulet, which means... Auntie Chicken. don't ask). As I said, I was afraid to put my real information when I first started doing PayPal things as I thought hackers could easily snatch it and steal it. Now I know that's not true. I tried to change my information but in PayPal settings it says it's only possible if I had a divorce, had a legal name change etc. etc. and I couldn't provide that document except for my real ID. Now PayPal has blocked my funds (about 836 USD, which is 3100 złotych) and I can't use it, send it, or any of those things. My reviews have always been positive ( What can I do about this situation to get my money back and have an account with my REAL name/surname etc.? 

Thank you for the help, it is greetly appreciated. 


Re: Money frozen/fake information/what do I do?

I would also like to add that my credit card is connected to the account (with my real info).