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Money deducted from my paypal account

New Community Member

Money deducted from my paypal account

Hi there,

I sold an item on ebay and the buyer requested a refund. This was all good and we agreed a partial refund of $50 and the buyer kept the item so no returning of goods required.

As soon as this happened, my account on paypal went into negative funds. $61.99.

Ebay sent confirmation that the $50 refund had been given to the buyer and i will be invoiced $50 in ten days time.

Why is it that my paypal account gets deducted $61.99 and i am getting invoiced $50 from ebay. Am i effectively getting charged $111.99 for a $50 refund.

I can't understand how money can be deducted from my paypal account and yet there is no information about this transaction on my account activity and no explanation.

I have messaged both ebay and paypal. Ebay told me to contact paypal. I tried to lodge a problem in the resolution centre, but when i clicked on the transaction to dispute, it said i couldn't lodge a problm and i needed to contact the buyer.

I find this all very confusing and frustrating as paypal is yet to respond to the multiple messages i have sent.

Can someone please help me?

Cheers ☺