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Missing money...

New Community Member

Missing money...

Hey there. Talked to someone on here about how I used my paypal account to make a food order on March 11. There was an error on their end, and the order never went through - but the money was held in my account for authorization. I was told that in a month, it'd be returned to me. No problem. Today is a month - and not only has the hold vanished from my account - but the money isn't back in my account either. Are you able to look into this for me? If you need any other information, I can provide it.


Re: Missing money...

Hi RotchyKong,


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum and welcome as a new member!


If a payment is unclaimed by the seller it will be returned to you after 30 days. The payment is automatically cancelled on day 30 and we will start the refund process. If you made this payment using your PayPal account balance or bank account the funds will be refunded to your PayPal account. If you made this payment using a credit/debit card the funds will be refunded back to that card. Refunds to a card take 5-7 days to complete.


- Siobhan