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Missing lawnmower lost by Federal Express

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I ordered a new lawnmower from a Garden Center in Texas.  I paid $370 for the mower on 5-15-21.  The Garden Center shipped by Federal Express.  I did not receive any notice of the item being delivered, however, when I went to track the item I saw that Fed Exp said it had been delivered.  We never received it.  I paid for mower using papal and the money came out of our checking account.  I filed a dispute with Paypal and was going to file with EBay  but cancelled the Ebay filing since I filed through Paypal.  The owner of the Garden Center initially told me if it wasn't delivered by 5-25 he would credit me for the $370.  He now tells me that he has filed a claim with Fed Express and cannot refund my money through Paypal.  He stated he would have refunded money through Ebay but got a message that that claim was cancelled.  I thought it was better to let paypal handle the dispute.  I don't understand why he just cannot issue a credit to paypal since he accepted the payment.  I feel as though he wants to be sure he recovers his $370 through Fed Express who admit the item is lost.  They thought they would just contact the delivery person and he would remember where he delivered it.....right!!!  So my question is why is the seller not able to just issue a credit through Paypal?  I am out my $370 and cannot purchase another mower until I get reimbursed.  I fear this will go on for weeks.  Help and advice please.


Missing lawnmower lost by Federal Express

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If you have opened a dispute for non receipt of item then escalate it to a claim > then normally paypal review within 10 days but been longer recently as they have been inundated with claims it appears.

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