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Managing Disputes

New Community Member

Managing Disputes

There had been a dispute claim and I discussed with the buyer and we both agreed that I'll refund certain amount.
I thought of directly sending him money and use the option of "I already refunded the amount" in my ongoing dispute in resolution center.

However When I tried sending him money [$3000 USD to be precise] and though the amount showing their was [$3000 + $5000(this is the dispute amount)], I clicked proceed and got a pop-up that this is denied by the bank on the same screen itself [I realised I do not have that much amount in my bank account].
I clicked "Cancel" on the same screen.

Now I receive an email and a message from bank about the transaction, I contacted the bank and my blocked my card. The bank representative said the transaction was declined due to not having sufficient amount.

I checked with buyer if he received any email/message from Paypal and he didn't.

Can someone help me here as no transaction being shown or need to wait to the claim dispute to end ?
Can Paypal again deduct the amount automatically in future of [8000 USD] from my account automatically ?