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Lost money


Lost money

Has Paypal lost anyone else's money?  Charge is on my card and I am expected to pay for it but merchant hasn't been paid.  Paypal says credit card has my money.  When merchant calls in they tell her I have the money and won't release it.  I see there was a class action suit against paypal for "holding" money in dispute.  How did you ever find your money if this happened to you?

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Re: Lost money

okay so at least it's not just me. I made an order on November 3, and it's been pending with customer service telling me that the merchant has to accept it. mind you, the merchant has no evidence of my transaction number, hasn't received an email, and has nothing from my email address. I have continuously contacted customer service but there's no way to fully reach them. the message center keeps taking me around in circles, it's ridiculous. and im wondering if im going to get charged again. it said that the first payment was just an 'authorization' but they still took it from my account so i'm confused on where my money is?