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Lost items


Lost items

I sent a parcel on the 7th the buyer recieved it and the item is not there - we sent photo evidence of before we posted and it arrived to him with nothing in we are extremely unhappy and he has demanded a refund but this isn’t our fault either what can we do
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Re: Lost items



Here are some options:


--Check customer feedback, if available, to see if this is a "norm" for them.


--If the item was insured, file an insurance claim. Refund the buyer while you administer the claim with courier (get pics/documentation from the buyer first and have them not destroy what they received until the insurance investigation is over).


--Or have them file a dispute for Significantly not as described, they'll need to send the item (damaged/empty box) back to you if you lose and you'll refund their money because they will eventually get their money back one way or another. If they file a chargeback with their credit card instead, you'll be charged an extra for PayPal chargeback fee.


There is risk in doing business online and with shipping items. Sellers are responsible for protecting themselves as much as possible and meet the requirements of seller protection as much as possible but sometimes circumstances like this happens which should be a rare occurrence if you are prolific in selling. Don't take the circumstances personal, it's just bad luck and make business decisions instead. Just like it is bad luck for the buyer if the shipment was delivered but the customer didn't receive anything and PayPal will rule in your favor because you'd have proof of delivery via tracking number.

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Re: Lost items

The item was insured unfortunately it was posted first class signed for - the buyer is no becoming very rude and unhelpful, I was advised to contact the courier which I will be doing tomorrow morning and was advised he do the same he said it isn’t his job it’s my job. I sent him photographs and tracking info so I did all I can I just don’t want to be out of pocket and item Thank you for your reply