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Lost dispute to scam site


Lost dispute to scam site

I though id purchased a projector for my phone from Arriba for $36 but a childs camera arrived. I contacted the seller through Paypal as this was the wrong item and they offered me 30% off and said in their chinese manner that they were so sorry and sending it back would take long time and expensive. I refused then they offered me 50%. I accepted at first then realised it was only worth £5. I messaged them back refusing the offer and there was no reply so i escalated.

i was told that i needed to send the parcel back which i did with royal mail and i took photos of the parcel with the address on and a photo of the receipt.

These photos were uploaded but i realised that this was not a 'recorded deliver' but all evidence with all numbers were provided too. This also cost me £6.

1 week later Paypal emails me to say i have lost my case. Also i cannot dispute the decision as there is no drop down menu for this in the closed cases file.


There are reviews of this site and it seems many others have suffered this scam here:

So ive lost $36 on the camera, plus the camera i sent back plus the postage. Well done Paypal NOT!!!!
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Re: Lost dispute to scam site



Is this $36 including shipping but the item price is super dirt cheap? Always get tracking. Postage receipt don't mean anything. PayPal wants proof of delivery. PayPal has return shipping refund program:


All is not lost, you paid tuition on a lesson well learned. Stick with merchants you know and do research first before buying, not after. Anyone can slap a shop together these days.


These Chinese sellers are getting a kick out of these transactions. Its like a game of chance to them and they get all strategic with it.


Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Re: Lost dispute to scam site


This was $29.99 plus delivery and i agree this is a lesson learned and iv'e said to the wife, trusted sites only from now.

What disappoints me is the Paypal response. Surely they realise this is a scam site.

Would be helpful if they had a list of sites that scam people and award the victims?