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Lost claim even though proof of delivery was provided


Lost claim even though proof of delivery was provided

Hello everyone,


On March 3rd, 2018 I sold the Corner Arc Half Zip Pullover from Supreme to a buyer on the site Everything was going smooth, he gave me an address to ship to, he paid, I sent the shipment. He asked for the tracking number and I provided him with one. The package was then updated to delivered on March 5th at 10:05 AM, but he never got it. He managed to file a dispute on me for item not received. We communicated and I told him that the package was delivered and gave him proof of delivery. He never responded. He then escalated to a claim, in which I provided the same information as before; the tracking number and picture of receipt. However, the claim was lost in favor of the buyers and now I am shorted $240. When I try to file an appeal, I can't seem to provide the proof when clicking the appeals button. I am not sure if he actually did get the package and is only trying to scam me, but I need some help in understanding what I can do next to hopefully get the money back. Thanks in advance.


Re: Lost claim even though proof of delivery was provided

Hi msz51,


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum and welcome as a new member!


As you have tried to appeal the claim decision and have been unable to do so please contact us via Facebook, Twitter, phone or email through the secure message centre of your account. We will be able to submit an appeal on your behalf.


- Siobhan