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Lost a Bogus Case for $5,700 USD

New Community Member

Lost a Bogus Case for $5,700 USD

Hey Guys,


I'm having a HUGE problem with paypal right now and need some advice... 


Long story short I sold a bitcoin miner in December 2017 for $5,700 on Ebay. The price of the miners have dropped to about $1,000 USD and now the buyer came at me with a case. His case claimed that the miner (small computer) was damaged during shipping. Even though he told me it was good to go and everything is fine once he received it in the mail. 6 Months later in May of 2018, he claims it was "Damaged During Shipping" and wants a full refund.


I provided ALL the proof with pictures of him leaving me a 5 Star review after receiving the item in December/all our text messages. Also, I provided video evidence of the unit running perfectly with dates before I sent out the machine. Also, a perfectly packed picture with the unit in its original box with foam/padding all around the machine to prevent from ANY damage.


THIS GUY WON THE DAMN CASE FOR $5,700 After all the evidence I provided... Paypal is the worst platform EVER for claims, also they didn't show me ANY of his evidence provided in the case (Discovery). 


My next action is going to be suing Paypal in small claims court for many wrong actions they have taken with this case.


I have 3 Lawyers lined up and ready.