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Long delivery / shipment Auto refund?

New Community Member

Long delivery / shipment Auto refund?

Hi All,


What are the policies in regards to delivery/shipment timelines.      I have purchased an item on back-order and delivery might take a few months.  I'm absolutely fine with that but heard some noise that PayPal will auto-cancel auto-refund if the purchased item is not delivered / shipped within a specific amount of time.


Is this true, and if so, what exactly are those terms?   (so within how many days after the purchase an item must be shipped)     If there is such a policy is it possible to instruct / ask PayPal to extend this period?

 I would not like for Pay-Pal to 'auto-cancel'  or 'auto-refund'   It would mean i need to get back in line and wait even longer.


Thanks for your suggestions.