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Long delayed funds

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Long delayed funds

Why dose Paypal always side with the buyer? several times I have shipped merchandise to buyer and before it reaches them, they file a complaint stating they haven't recieved the merchandise!.. then usually demands a refund and keeps the merchandise too! I'm out my merchandise, the shipping charges, and buyer has put a bad mark on me, Paypal slaps fees and charges against my account making me have even more negitive balance! I for one have had it with Paypals policies and can no longer stay in business using Paypal for funds transfers..

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Re: Long delayed funds



Buyers do not normally raise dispute until at least a week post payment (minimum often a few weeks) then they leave it at a dispute for about another week and then once escalated to a claim it takes at least another 10 days before paypal reviews it (more for international sales or at the moment due to being busy due to covid).


So that gives you at least 3 weeks to get an item to a buyer and you can't do it in that time?

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