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Limited for selling "risky items"? Is Medical Equipment an issue?


Limited for selling "risky items"? Is Medical Equipment an issue?

In the last 30 days, I have sold a box of IV sets for $29.99, 2 rolls of twist ties for $7.99 5 IV pumps, a bag of microfiber cloths for $6.50.  My balance has not been over $250.00.  I received an email saying I have been limited do to recent account activity and the want a business license and receipts, etc??  Is this because of the IV sets?  That's the only thing I can think of.  I've had the account since May 2018 and rarely use it.  I don't have a "supplier" for anything unless they mean Goodwill stores, garage sales, or Habitat for Humanity.  Proof of Fulfillment for a transaction that already shows tracking?  All of my items are shipped and received with tracking in my account.  There's literally no details included with this ridiculous action against my account. :


"Your account access is temporarily limited
We noticed that you've started selling items that might be potentially risky. To understand this better, we will require some information from you.

In an effort to keep your account secure, we've also limited certain features in your account. You'll be able to regain access to these features once you provide the information we've requested.
If you're unable to submit the required information by Nov 21, 2019 or if we notice additional changes in your account activity, your access will be further limited.

Reference ID: PP-008-890-208-828
Upload a photo ID
Provide your business information
Provide proof of fulfillment
Provide purchase receipt from your supplier."

Re: Limited for selling "risky items"? Is Medical Equipment an issue?

Hi @Unorthodox,


Thank you for your post and welcome back to the Community Forum!


In general, if you cannot provide some of the requested information in your Resolution Centre, I would recommend filing an online document explaining why you cannot complete some of the steps. Then, please upload it to your Resolution Centre do that the relevant team can review it and inform you on how to proceed further. 


I hope this helps.