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Limitations and restrictions


Limitations and restrictions

Why. I did nothing wrong with my PayPal account. All of a sudden RESTRICTED account. Now with limitations. Right on New Year's. I recently put money towards crypto currency stock and now unable to sell my crypto or take out my money. Next I call the customer service tells me I must check on PayPal site and give them all inquires asked of me.  Including my personal bank statements.  I submit what is asked however mistakenly one was accidentally submitted without fully complete. Now am not able to go back and resubmit info. I call customer service it won't allow me to speak with a person and hangs up on me, right after telling me to use their site and click Help me/contact us. I get nowhere with their automated system. The automated preset list of questions does not include my question for resubmit of what is asked of me.....did I mention that I did nothing wrong on account  and have to wait 5-7 business days to hear back from them. It's BS and I can only imagine if I had thousands of dollars and the crypto currency stock was going down and I can not sell. I would be literally **bleep** by the PayPal Corp. 


This is unacceptable.


Re: Limitations and restrictions

This is similar to my situation too. I can only imagine how many people are having the same issue with all the buying and selling of bitcoin right now.