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Limitation on my account


Limitation on my account

I hope anyone important from Paypal comunity will see this... 


I was accused of being a fraud and/or person shady/risky behavior. I was hoping for a chance to appeal but this choice was not given and every message was automatically replied with message containing words: "our decision to close your account is final.". First of all, everything I do (digital art) is 100% legal and I would love to provide any proof if needed. I was not giving everything since I'm paranoic and I have right to keep at least some privacy (plese see european GDPR - but still they got my ID, licence and neeeded proofs). That is why I provided minimum needed documents so far. This case seems to be result of some sort of detection algorithm. It is really nice to see modern technology in action as long as it does not accuse people that are innocent (this could be described as FALSE POSITIVE). Any filtering/detection algorithm should minimize amount of false positives because these are the hardest to handle afterwards. There could be long discussion about what are inputs of this algorithm and why it is discriminating central europeans or small/personal business. "Our decision to close your account is final." - does that mean you made a decision without having any evidence of my fraudulent behavior? Does that mean I will never have chance to renew account or create another account because you just told so? I'm afraid this violates czech consumer's rights. I am cooperating now and I want to solve this problem in a friendly manner. I would not have been that upset if PayPal was not near monopolistic company at international payments and a company that cuts off its customers because magic decisions at the same time. I tried to find out what was the prolem but you also cut me off because of some integrity reasons. Does that mean I am not allowed to know reason why I was banned? There must be some way to tell customer what was wrong. If not, PayPal's behavior and decisions are shady and can not be trusted. Please, I beg you, do something about communication with customers. Finding this email/form was a journey through hell and recommended web messaging is flooded with ridiculous automatic replies that solve nothing. Any question I made in the past was never answered and random off-topic sentences was all I received.

What do you want PayPal to do, to put it right for you? :

1) Ask for specific documents that might prove you I'm not a fraud.

2) Review shady fraud detection algorithm to prevent false-positives.

3) Improve communication with customer as no valuable information was given to me after many attempts to solve this problem even though I was willing to cooperate.