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#Limitation #Proof #identification


#Limitation #Proof #identification

Hey there, I need some help and its crucial I provided PayPal with a name ID AND address proof to change my virtual shop name I have put in the past when signed in , to a legal name but I am neither getting a response or a reply back or even a heads up that they reviewed my papers... PAYPAL we are going through Covid and money is tight on all of us therefore please accelerate my papers...I cant even close my account and send the MONEY to the new account because i am LIMITED. If its not to happen out of practicality then at least let it happen out of humanity.
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Re: #Limitation #Proof #identification

I have a personal account and been locked out for months with all most 3,000 dollars in my account. Then told I can no longer use PayPal but they still will not release the funds to me or even back to the sender