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alright so my account got limited because i passed the yearly limit of money transaction which was because i stream on twitch. and obviously i get donation. now my prove of identy got accepted but my prove of address got rejected for the following reason

Type of Proof                                             Name                                                                                        Documentation Type                                                 Rejection Reasons & Descriptions                                                                        
Proof of Address        Mohamed    Proof of Address                    


The proof of address document you provided doesn't show a complete address. Please upload a new proof of address document that includes the full address.


The  document you provided doesn't include your name. Please upload a new document that includes your full name as shown in your PayPal profile.


with that being said i tried all means to contact PayPal and always the bot who answers so ill just type my issue here and hope one of PayPal see it

1) i provided a number address which the government uses because the document i provided was a governmental document of electricity so this is my actual address you guys just don't understand it

2) the document is under my dad name which is the same as my last 3 digit because the entire house is under his name so i don't have any official documents proves the address with my name on it and I cant get one

if you want me to change my address to the one in the paper (aka number address not name) i can but the 2nd issue i cant do anything about it AT ALL so please just accept the paper because I'm legit done. its been 3 weeks and i keep getting rejected