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Lifting Account Limitations - was under 18

New Community Member

Lifting Account Limitations - was under 18



In 2018-early 2019, I made an account to receive donations from twitch streaming and to pay for commissions. At that time, I was 17 going onto 18. After reaching a certain threshold, Paypal asked me to confirm my identity so I sent them my SSN. However, as I was 17, my account got banned. I went ahead and made another account because I needed a way to receive money and paypal didn't offer parent/guardian signed accounts. I then got banned again, however, customer support at the time says I was banned indefinitely for going against TOS; didn't give me a specific reason. 


I understand what I did was wrong. I was young and impatient. Now, I'd like to start a business and not having a paypal account isn't preferred. I'm 19 now, I was wondering if I should make another account since I can't get the others unbanned? Customer support is taking their sweet time to answer so I hope someone here can help me. 


Thank you so much! Hope you're all staying safe ❤️