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Lack of communication


Lack of communication

I posted last week and got a huge response, which I can no longer find! I was told to send an incorrect item that I received back to China! Would have cost more than refund. I protested...vigorously. Now Paypal is asking for more information about my case. I have sent pictures, screenshots and emails from seller through the Resolution site (following instructions given to me). This morning I received another email requesting unspecified additional info. I tried to chat with a Paypal agent, who admitted she could not understand what was being asked of me, and, after her last statement, I was no longer able to reply! Called the phone number and, finally, was put in queue for a live agent. Made the mistake of allowing them to call me back. Was supposed to be 6-8 minutes. That was at least an hour ago! I have to admit, I have gotten emotional at this point. I’m 67 years old, live on Social Security and am trying to move myself to another house at this time. Was hospitalized a week ago. I have good reason to be emotional!! But I think it is ok to take it out by yelling at the automated phone system, right?
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Re: Lack of communication



Or just accuse someone that tried to help you by telling you how paypal deal with 'returns' and then advised you on how you can sometimes recoup some of those postage costs back OR do a chargeback of working for paypal???

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Re: No refund received for an order that was returned

Company sent an order that I cancelled a month after I cancelled the order. The items were cardboard shoes and smelled like chemicals.  I returned the items and have proof of shipment, also proof that the items were received by sender but Paypal refused to issue my refund. I am closing my account and done with Paypal.  I will not do business with a company that will allow their customers to be defrauded.  I had emails showing that I cancelled the order and proof of all correspondence.