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KYC System Not Working

New Community Member

KYC System Not Working

Paypal has asked for my business to do KYC checks. A standard thing in the UK.

However, their system isn't working. I have tried contacting them for over 3 weeks now and no-one is responding to my emails.

I have tried their messenger and their attempt at resolution didn't work.

I have tried via email and no-one is responding at all.

They are with-holding access to my money until the checks are complete, but I cannot complete the checks because the system they use cannot add up to 100. You need to provide evidence of 100 shareholder ownership. I have done that but whenever I go to add the necessary documentation, it says the shareholder ownership must add up to 100. There is a clear glitch in the system because I have triple checked and they do add up to 100.


No-one is responding and I find it unacceptable that they are not responding, therefore holding my money and impacting my cashflow. I have had to take out a loan because of their lack of timeliness. It is appalling and I have nowhere else to raise this because they simply are not responding.


It is the worst and has been one of the most stressful experiences when they hold back money you need to live from - and all because of a fault in their system.