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I ordered a coat from The name on the PayPal charge was GOLDEN SEA SERVICE Limited. I didn't receive the coat so I emailed them. Their response was apologetic, and that they would upgrade to priority shipping. Again after over a month, it did not show up. I asked them for a refund and got no response. I contacted PayPal and filed a dispute, (not easy), after another month of waiting, PayPal informed me that the dispute had been resolved and that the case was closed. Imagine my surprise when I learned that I was denied. They're excuse for the denial was that they were provided with tracking information on the item. Well, it never reached me! PayPal didn't provide me with the evidence! And, I can't respond to the so-called evidence. There is no way to respond to a "closed case." Trying to get someone on the phone is a joke too. When I finally did, (after waiting an hour for them to call back), we were "disconnected" and no one called back. So, I'm going through the whole process again. I'm writing this while I'm waiting for another call back. After the last failed attempt at calling PayPal I emailed the company again and informed them that I still haven't received my order, and again, they were apologetic, and told me that my order would be expedited. Proof, I say, that they never shipped the goods in the first place! Otherwise, their response would have been "The order #xxyyzz has been delivered"! This company is a scam! And PayPal supports them! ... Call coming in... ... OK. Finally got to talk to a human. She looked up the tracking number provided, and what do know, its invalid. So, if you are having the same problem, DON'T GIVE UP! DON'T LET THE **bleep** WIN! Even if it is only one dollar! And let PayPal know that THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. P. S. So is the wish app. Never use Wish!.. If they do give you a refund, they do so in Wish Cash... WORTHLESS!
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This was nearly identical to what happened to me.

This merchant is clearly engaged in fraudulent activity, and Paypal is enabling this activity by failure to properly investigate claims.

COVID-19 was provided as the reason for Krischic's failure to fulfill mail the items I purchased. During repeated and documented correspondence with them, they asserted that there were factory delays and that they would sent the merchandise by priority shipping once these delays were overcome. They never did this. They never provided shipping documentation. I short, they stole my money. I filed a claim with Paypal who asserted that the merchant provided them with a shipping conformation.....I've never seen it. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS MERCHANT. 

They will repeatedly lie to you, and steal your money.....and paypal will allow it.