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JKY Network Technology Co LTd. Scam

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JKY Network Technology Co LTd. Scam

I ordered shoes from them almost 3 months ago.  I understand the issues with overseas purchases which is why I have been patient; however when I track my order the last date is 6/6/20 and they told me it's in why do I still not have my merchandise?  I think this is a scam and I've become another one of their victims.  I just filed my dispute with paypal today and asked for a refund.  I'll see what happends.


Re: JKY Network Technology Co LTd. Scam

They are frauds they sent me the wrong size pool and then refused to send me the correct one and refused to give me a refund after for 5 months of waiting I'm still in dispute with them on PayPal but PayPal will favor them like they always do with companies they are frauds and they want me to pay shipping to China which will cost almost twice as much as the item I purchased this is ridiculous because if you Google them they have many issues in the PayPal Community pages and PayPal just turns a blind eye to them which is complete BS I hope it works out better for you