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Its a joke

New Community Member

Its a joke

Well im starter my business and was trying to make paypal one of my form to get paid so i make a payment from my personal account , then when i discovered that paypal hold your payment for a month i decided to close paypal and i asked for refund from my personal account and nothing then i open a dispute. When they sent a email to the seller (in this case Im the seller and the buyer) to respond about the dispute Im trying to respond and refunded the $100 to my personal account its a error so i cant do nothing but the sent a email that they sent ny response to the buyer and i havent received nothing . What can i do? They already stoled me anothers 100 dlls

Re: Its a joke

Hello @empirepupsllc


We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble with a dispute. Here's how to check the status of a dispute or claim.