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Item that cannot be delivered


Item that cannot be delivered

I bought an item from eBay from a seller in Korea around April this year. The seller provided me 2 tracking numbers (I didn't realise there was a 2nd tracking number till recently). The tracking on the first number is stated that it is delivered to an address in Korea, but afterwards there was a cancellation of acceptance (I checked on PayPal it just states cancelled). The 2nd tracking number was stated that it could not be found in the carrier's system. I am really confused as to what is happening here.

I asked the seller to check with Korea Post but the seller keeps saying that my country (Singapore) is closed due to the coronavirus, but last I checked with SingPost we are still able to accept packages from Korea.

Also if I were to open a PayPal dispute for this would it help with my case?

PayPal Employee

Re: Item that cannot be delivered

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We actually rely on the tracking number provided to make our final decision to a case. If tracking number could not be found in the carrier's system, then the case should be closed in your favor.


You may now want to open a non-receipt case against your seller. For your reference, please click the link/s below.


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