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Item received too late -why can't I return it and get refund?


Item received too late -why can't I return it and get refund?

Greetings from London!

Having lost 2 phones over summer (old iphone SE which was overdue for upgrade, and then super old 5S) I started looking for a phone. Having searched high and low I decided to go sim-free because I don't fancy 24 or 36 months contracts. That's why I settled for Huawei P10 Plus, found on ebay 'opened/not used', whatever that means. £203.00. Purchased 8th August, I was looking forward to getting used to android in time for my holidays - I was going away 11th September to Spain. Nevermind pictures - wherever you go the phone nowadays is fundamental for ones safety too. So, after 1.5 weeks I started looking where is my phone. On ebay order I found the seller has added Hermes (why oh why???) tracking number - which showed that there have been attempted deliveries (I think 2) and that parcel went back to Hermes Maidstone depot. I received no txt messages (by then was using my medieval Experia) nor paper slips proving these attempts. There at the depot it sat what felt like forever. I contacted the seller who didn't give two hoots - he had the money, why bother. I tried calling Hermes numerous times, never got to speak to anyone live, various options would take me to the same end advice - to use their chat or send them email, which I searched ad searched and could not find either. Actually I did find email address somewhere online - but my email returned as undeliverable. Hermes tracking page offer redirecting option - they would deliver again If I indicated it can be left on the non-existing porch or with a trusted neighbour. I tried redirecting it to my work address, other side of London - but Hermes website would just not accept this change. I live in a block of flats where parcels left downstairs by lazy postmen have tendency of disappearing, there are no safe places - and my trusted neighbor was away. The only thing I succeeded was 'redirecting' to my own address. Nothing happened though, only message on Hermes tracking page changed to 'the parcel is on its way back to the sender' - and stayed there for almost 2 weeks. I called ebay - and was told I am not entitled for a refund because attempted delivery counts as delivered. You say what??? Nobody could believe that, even people who responded to my post on ebay community. I then wrote to ebay - and received the same answer. 

Desperate to have a normal working phone I bought Huawei P20Pro for £400 on the 8th Sept from Argos, 3 days before my holiday. On Wed, 11th Sept, 12:30 noon I was having last preparations before leaving the house to go to the airport - when Hermes delivered the phone. 

Upon return from holidays I looked for answers but got nowhere, my case was closed. I tried paypal resolution centre but it would just not launch, taking me in circles. So emailed customer service, attaching printscreens of Hermes tracking page (no that it has been delivered small daily details are gone) as well as my flight confirmation. I received an automated message resolving really nothing and difficult to read/navigate. To be honest, at this stage I don't even know how to find it on my account, Tried - did not succeed.

So much for someone's assurance from ebay community that once the case is closed on ebay I can take it to/escalate to paypal - and they would definitely sort it out.

Will they? How and when? 


Re: Item received too late -why can't I return it and get refund?

Hi @cge,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum!


I am sorry to hear that this happened. If the item was delivered to you, we may not be able to refund you unless the item falls in the category 'Not As Described'. Unfortunately, our Buyer Protection policy does not cover delays in delivering the item. If you have already bought another phone, I would recommend reaching out to the seller again and request to return the item to receive a refund. 


I hope this helps.