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Item not received

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Item not received

I ordered an item on 3rd February but I have yet to receive it. The seller doesnt respond to emails and the tracking details are telling me it is in Shanghai somewhere. I started a dispute with paypal, as the item has been paid for in full, the seller said they will issue me a refund when they receive the return.....I cant return it as I have never received it in the first place.

Now paypal has closed the dispute as they say I havent provide tracking info for the return. Any ideas what I can do next?

This isnt the first time this has happened to me, last time I returned the item and provided tracking codes and paypal still just dismissed it. I think they seem to side with the seller and have little regard for buyers who are being ripped off.

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Re: Item not received



Sounds as if you opened a dispute for 'not as described' instead of 'non receipt' of item???

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