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Item not received


Item not received

I ordered a bowl that launches balls for the puppy to learn to return and reload by itself so she could enjoy more time alone. 


The product went a long time without shipping so I started a dispute thing for item not received. The company sends a tracking number that's out of China that makes no sense when I click on it and the date range they said to expect delivery exceeded the maximum PayPal would allow me to delay escalating so near the end of the PayPal timeframe I escalated to a case.


Some time after that a single low grade tennis ball arrives in a small brown bubble mailer without the launcher or any other balls. I have a picture of the ball, the packaging and all the information can be seen on the label. There was no way I could find to add this picture to the case and I've never been able to talk to a real human since the pandemic started.


I made a new response saying they had shipped just a ball and not the item ordered. After a  long delay the case suddenly settles in the sellers favor because they have a tracking number showing something delivered and I have yet to find any way to contact PayPal and provide the picture of the incorrect item.


Now I have 10 days to appeal the case but the PayPal instructions do not have the link the help page claims would be there to appeal. I still can't find a way to speak to a real human to get this resolved.