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Item not received


Item not received

I bought a ebay item in the beginning of December last year the seller did not respond to any email so I opened a  item not received case and till today no item arrived the case was closed automatically on Jan. 06 2020 the day before I sent a email to paypal please don't close it I have no internet for several days (11)due to  a heavy snowstorm, the closed it anyway how I can reopen the case  I called paypal and the agent told me I can't do anything  about it.


Re: Item not received

Hi @lakeviewhome!


I understand that you need help with reopening a dispute which has been decided in the seller's favor. I'm afraid that once the dispute is closed it cannot be reopened. You can only appeal if you have 'new' information to add, and you can only appeal within 10 days of the dispute/claim being closed. Here is how you can appeal.


If you need any further assistance, please contact our Support by clicking on the "Contact us" link by opening any of the PayPal pages. 


Thank you!