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Item not received - claim TIMEFRAME


Item not received - claim TIMEFRAME

I opened a claim on may 22nd for an item i did not receive from ebay ( basically me, and bunch of other people got scammed (100% sure at this point, please don't ask me to provide proof or something like that, i've already done so on ebay forums as well as in claim case, just trust me on this one ) by someone who at first seemed to be a legit seller but turned out to be a complete fraud )  and i was wondering about timeframes when it comes to getting a refund. It said that the seller is expected to respond before 1st of June which is today and ( as expected ), he did not respond. Long story-short, what to do now? Do i wait for paypal to contact me or update the claim?

I do have to admit that the item TECHNICALLY has to arrive by august 5th, but being 100% sure that it's a scam, i opened a case here in paypal ( since ebay won't let me till that date comes ).

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Re: Item not received - claim TIMEFRAME



Paypal it appears are inundated with claims mainly from buyers that bought tat from these China websites or Social Media ads !
So all claims are being pushed back unfortunately.

As long as yours has been escalated from a dispute to a claim, and is still being reviewed then you have the chance of a refund.
Sadly you will have to wait it out in the long queue though.  

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