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Item not received, but tracking shows Delivered to correct ZIP

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Item not received, but tracking shows Delivered to correct ZIP



I have a little bit complicated situation. I bought iPad on eBay with PayPal and USPS tracking shows that package was Delivered and correct ZIP, but I haven't received it. I wrote seller about it, but received no reply. So I opened package search request on and they finally emailed me that there was different address written on package and they correctly delivered it to that different address. It has the same ZIP as correct address, that's why tracking shows it. I contacted company, which is based on this address, but they didn't found my package and couldn't confirm that they received it. I tried to open a dispute on eBay, but Customer Support auto closed it in favour of seller because he provided tracking number with Delivered status and correct ZIP. They didn't even ask me for proofs that seller wrote wrong address. So now there's only PayPal dispute left. USPS couldn't assist me further, I only have email and direct message from their Twitter account confirming that address on package didn't match address on eBay. Seller doesn't want to help me and says that "he is not my mama or babysitter". Should I open a refund dispute on PayPal, or will they auto close it and decline refund request like eBay did?


Thank you!

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