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Item not received and PayPal gives me run around


Item not received and PayPal gives me run around

Hi there,

I bought an item online and paid using PayPal assuming I am covered for any fraud. The vendor originally provided a tracking number via China Post which cannot be tracked. After making attempts to contact the vendor who never responded and nowhere to be found, I finally open a case with PayPal. After a few days later PayPal closed my claim with a new tracking number which turns out to be bogus again. When called, PayPal asking me instead of the vendor to provide proof that I did not receive the item. I called UPS with provided tracking and UPS tells me that it does not belong to me as the label carries someone else name and address. PayPal insisting that I provide a document that does not belong to me which UPS refused to do so as I am not the shipper nor I am the receiver for privacy reasons. However, instead of asking the vendor to provide the proof that it was sent to the correct address, PayPal continues to ask me for that proof which I am not able to get. PayPal not reopening my case nor is willing to assist here. I am stuck here and looking for help. I am surprised by PayPal's attitude on this matter.

UPS online tracking shows that it was delivered to the same city but not to my address. UPS confirms verbally over the phone (but won't give any document) that name on the package is not mine nor is the address. Other Red flag is the weight and location package was initiated. It only shows 3.3Lbs whereas my package would be over 50Lbs as it is a piece of furniture.

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Re: Item not received and PayPal gives me run around


To submit an appeal on the dispute that was closed, PayPal asks that you obtain a detailed report from the shipper/courier (on their letterhead or some other form of official stationary) that includes the address the seller gave them for the shipment. Or one that includes a statement mentioning your address and saying the item was delivered to a different address.
Check tracking in below link to see where it went.

When you have that, contact PayPal via phone (log on to your account and click Contact at the bottom of the page, however that may not be an option at the moment due to covid), or via Facebook (send a Private Message to PayPal) or via Twitter (send a Direct Message to @AskPayPal) and say you want to appeal the denial of the dispute based on the shipper saying the item was delivered to a different address. Once it's submitted (you will be provided with directions on how to do that), the dispute will be reviewed further and a determination will be made.

You also have the option to contact your card issuer if you funded your paypal payment that way and see if they will do a chargeback for you.

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