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Item not received, Escalated to claim, seller not responding


Item not received, Escalated to claim, seller not responding

On January 29th, I ordered 2 tshirts from a Korean website because their website said that they ship internationally. I paid $97.38 through PayPal. As I waited until February 25th, I left messages several times on their website's Q&A section, asking if they shipped the items and what happened to my order. The seller responded by saying that she's really sorry the package got lost while she was preparing to ship it and that she will send me new tshirts with a small gift. I waited again until April and still did not receive.


So on April 2nd, I went on the seller's brand Instagram and left a direct message saying I'm still waiting and did not get it so I want a full refund. She responded right back to me saying she's so sorry and she's planning to give me a refund on that day (April 2nd). I waited for 4 days and she still hasn't given me a refund so on April 6th, I left another Instagram message saying "you said you were going to give me a refund 4 days ago, what happened?" Again, she responded right away saying she's so sorry AGAIN and she will check with PayPal so please wait.


I was so sick of waiting so on April 7th, I called PayPal and explained what happened. The lady who helped me opened a dispute for me and told me to call back on Monday or Tuesday if the seller does not respond. I called PayPal on Saturday (yesterday April 14th) and said that the seller is still not responding what should I do and the lady who helped me escalated the dispute into a claim. Today (April 15h), I left a Instagram message to seller saying "I escalated a dispute into a claim and you have 10 days to respond but please can you respond now so I can get a refund right now, you just have to go to the resolution center and click "I have not shipped the item and I will refund the payment option". She responded right away saying that she's really sorry she will go on PayPal right now and do what I told her to do. SHE STILL DID NOT GIVE ME A REFUND.


So my questions are... 1) If I just wait until the case closes (It will close on April 24th.) will PayPal give me a full refund? I'm 100% sure the seller will not respond to the claim. 2) I also heard that if there's no money balance in the seller's account for PayPal to deduct, PayPal wouldn't give me a refund even though I didn't receive the items. Is that true??? 3) Will I know right away if the seller respond to the claim? Please help me out. Thank you.


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Re: Item not received, Escalated to claim, seller not responding



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Re: Item not received, Escalated to claim, seller not responding

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