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Item not delivered by BCE

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Item not delivered by BCE

Hi! I’m hoping someone can help answer my question... I ordered something through EBay, and the item was shipped (assuming it was actually shipped) using a carrier called Blue Care Express. I have never heard of them before, but I have found that numerous people on eBay have had this same problem. They also rate low on Trust Pilot and similar sites. Anyway, my problem is that BCE issued a tracking number, and reported it delivered it all in one day. The item was not delivered. I was home at the time of delivery, and I have looked all around my house (plus nearby houses). I have written to the seller 4 times since, with no response! The seller also won’t tell me where it was shipped from, because their listing just a says they ship from “multiple locations”. But I still doubt it could arrive in one day. According to eBay, it was delivered, because a tracking number was used, that states it was delivered, so I can’t get my money back. I filed a complaint with the FTC, but I still don’t know how to get my money back. Would PayPal be able to help, or would they tell me the same thing as eBay? Has anyone else had the same issue with BCE? I used PayPal for my transaction, but the payment was taken using my credit card. Should I go to my credit card company instead? I would love any suggestions anyone has for how I can get my refund. Thanks so much!
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Re: Item not delivered by BCE



Read this:


Contact your credit card company.

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