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Item gone missing on return to seller

New Community Member

Item gone missing on return to seller

Hey all, I'm after a bit of help, although I have a fairly good idea of the direction things are headed.


I sold an item to someone in October. The item was faulty and I offered to replace the item for the buyer. I sent the buyer a return postage label and waited for the item to arrive back so that I could exchange it.

Anyway, 3 weeks later the buyer opened a dispute for INAD. I checked the tracking and it was never handed to the courier. I asked when they sent it and the buyer said that she handed it to a different courier company than it was booked with.

It's now being reviewed by PayPal but I don't have it and there's no proof of lodgement from the buyer. I offered a partial refund but it was rejected by the buyer who is demanding a full refund.

Which way will PP lean on this? I can't imagine that they'll allow the buyer to have both the item and money. When I did call PP the operator was surprised I had provided a return postage label as it's their policy that the buyer pays return postage