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Item delivered to other address - PayPal won't issue refund


Item delivered to other address - PayPal won't issue refund

Hi there

I ordered something online in early January.

It didn't arrive so I contacted the company who are based in China and they said they sent it and provided the tracking number. 

I checked the tracking number with then national postal service and it said it was delivered successfully.

When I asked to what address they said it was to a different postcode than mine - and for GDPR reasons couldn't give me the exact address just the postcode.

I contacted Paypal through resolution centre and they told me the merchant provided valid tracking number so denied my claim.

I then contacted Paypal again and they said to get evidence that it was sent to the wrong postcode.

I got his evidence from the postal service and sent it to Paypal.

When I sent this they again refused to refund as they said the merchant provided evidence that it was sent to the correct address.

I have evidence to the contrary but I was told the denied the claim again.


This is sheer madness! I have provided evidence that the company is lying (the postal service said it's a common fraud at the moment).


What can I do next?


The cost of the item is only €40 but it's the principle - Paypal seem to be ignoring the evidence I gave them and "helping" the person committing this fraud which is disgraceful.