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Item bought (computer) has pirated software..

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Item bought (computer) has pirated software..

Quick story. bought an imac. It started making a noise. Seller didnt believe me. Computer repair center typically couldnt find it but Im not sure they actually did anything. Cos It happens at home 50% of the time. Dispute closed. Onoy opened to get money towards fixing it. Imac found to have pirate software... Help..

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Re: Item bought (computer) has pirated software..



Paypal cover you for non receipt of item OR item received but not as described BUT if they find in your favour the ONLY option you have is to return the complete item at your own expense back to the seller before getting a refund.

If you took it for 'repair' first then you would not be sending the item back in the condition sent and Paypal don't deal in part refunds (that is for you to try and sort with the seller in the dispute phase of the claim).


You could try a chargeback via your card issuer?

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