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Item Delivered to Wrong Address - Refund Refused - Ombudsman Service


Item Delivered to Wrong Address - Refund Refused - Ombudsman Service

I recently ordered an item using PayPal to process payment for the purchase. I completed the billing/postal information on the merchant's website to be delivered to my current address and processed the payment accordingly.

A few days later I received confirmation that the item was delivered to a different address to the one I had specified when making the order. The address to which it was delivered was a former address of mine (2 years ago now). This address was removed from my PayPal account over a year ago and is no longer one of my addresses on my account. My primary address and billing address is as per the address I completed when making the order and where the order should have been sent/billed to. I don't know why PayPal still has my former address linked to my account when this was removed. I had never used the merchant website before and therefore the only body that would have information relating to my former address would be PayPal. 


I raised a dispute regarding this issue, requesting a refund as I had not been sent the item I ordered due to what I believe to be a fault with the PayPal payment portal. The error has resulted in an item and my personal information being sent to a random person without my permission. I am therefore out of pocket and could be subject to fraudulent activity on my account. 


PayPal have denied my claim on the grounds that the merchant has provided valid tracking information. PayPal have disregarded the actual problem with this dispute being that the order was changed to be delivered to an incorrect address without my permission. The tracking information actually proves that the delivery was made to the incorrect address. The order was completed to be delivered to the incorrect address without my permission and as such the tracking information will appear to reflect the final order. This was not the address I had completed/submitted when making the purchase and was changed through the Payment Portal.


Does anyone have any advice on this matter, or has experienced a similar issue?


I have now taken this forward with the Financial Ombudsman on the grounds that I have not received an item I have paid for and also that my personal information has been sent to a random person without my permission. 


Re: Item Delivered to Wrong Address - Refund Refused - Ombudsman Service

I am in the similar situation. Paid £226 on PayPal credit, Carrier delivered the item to the wrong address despite being correctly labeled. Completely driver's fault. Yodel confirmed from their tracking system that item has gone to the wrong address and asked me to contact seller to make a claim. I filed a dispute with PayPal but PayPal denied my claim saying that seller provided tracking number which shows the item has been delivered however they didn't look in to my claim of being delivered to the wrong address. I have now appealed against their decision and provided Chat Transcript from Yodel CS confirming item was delivered to the wrong address and seller has to make a claim. Chat also confirms seller hasn't made any claim. Appeal is under review and it has been over 3 weeks. I am considering completely ditching PayPal and use Credit Card instead. PayPal seems to favour seller more than buyer. Another scenario I have is I returned a faulty item to the supplier and uploaded tracking detail twice. Despite all this, they denied my claim saying I never provided tacking detail. I called them and they rectified their mistake immediately and issued me full refund. I have no confidence in PayPal anymore despite using them since their birth. 


Re: Item Delivered to Wrong Address - Refund Refused - Ombudsman Service

I have purchased an item which was delivered to the wrong address so says my PayPal account. And when I phone them I get out through to an Indian who cannot understand me. Thus my gripe is both with delivery to the wrong address and that their customer service is rubbish.
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Re: Item Delivered to Wrong Address - Refund Refused - Ombudsman Service

My problem was similar up to the address. I put the right address on the order, but the merchant send it to a completely different address which had nothing to do with me. The USPS provided me with a letter saying that they delivered it to a completely different address from the one I put on the order. So I paid for products that other people are using and I didn't get a refund or another product in return and PayPal closed the issue!!