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It’s been 180 days I was dropped by PayPal


It’s been 180 days I was dropped by PayPal

PayPal informed me I can no longer use there services I had funds in my account they told me they hold my money I have in my account for 180 days After the 180 days I will be able to transfer that money into my bank account or some how, well now it’s been longer than 180 it’s been over two weeks And I cannot transfer my funds or even add my card and or bank what do I do I just want this done with can some body please advise me I cannot even find the correct phone number for assistance about this situation Thank You for You’re help
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Re: It’s been 180 days I was dropped by PayPal



You would only be able to withdraw via any bank accounts or cards linked to your account, you can't add anything as your account is limited isn't it.

So if you can't withdraw with what is on the account then either contact c.s. and ask them to link a card for you OR request a cheque to be sent in the post with the balance as per link.

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