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Issuing an refund and disputing a claim

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Issuing an refund and disputing a claim

Hello Paypal Members,


A seller, by the name of, Oliver Flores, has not been providing the correct tracking number and order information.  I purchased a Playstation 4 Pro from him off of Ebay through Paypal and he wanted $100 to ensure that I would pay the rest of the money after he shipped it out to my address.  I sent him the money on Friday and he has given me two pieces of misinformation since then.  He gave me a reference number for UPS which didn’t work and then on Monday, he gave me a tracking number for FedEx that also didn’t work.  The tracking number instead stated that a package is being sent from California to Georgia which is his home state instead.  Furthermore, the package is also only 1/2 pound, mailed in an envelope, and contain only one item.  That doesn’t make any sense because a Playstation 4 Pro is 7.3 pounds, wouldn’t be mailed in an envelope, and it is supposed to be shipped with other games based on our conversations.  I am more than happy to show your screenshots and evidence of our conversation from Ebay and our emails.  I am trying to dispute a claim of getting my refund of $100 back from this scammer.  He refuses to give back my money and he hasn’t provided me the correct information for the package’s location or tracking number.  I tried to get in touch with Ebay and Paypal, but they have been useless so far in helping me with this issue.  Could someone please help and let me know what I should do or who to contact?

- Kinming Wong
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Re: Issuing an refund and disputing a claim



How did you send the funds ie which paypal option?

Did you make sure the item was fully described on the payment method OR by the seller if you paid a money request or invoice?

How did you fund the paypal payment ie which funding source?

Which dispute have you opened?

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