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Issue With Account Limitation


Issue With Account Limitation

So my account is under limitation and I sent in the identification they need, as well as sending the bank statement, and it's been 2 and a half days, and I'm still not relieved of the limitations. The only thing that's still under verification is the bank confirmation. I went to the message center to see what the issue was and when I said I wanted to confirm my bank, it said it already was confirmed, but I'm still under limitation. What can I do to fix this? Do I just need to wait a little longer?

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Re: Issue With Account Limitation



You need to contact customer services to resolve any limitation OR account specific issues.
Click help / contact bottom left of Paypal pages for options available for your country.

Or have you considered contacting Customer Service via Facebook or Twitter?
You can send them a personal message from their facebook or twitter pages.
It's: and @AskPayPal for Twitter.

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