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Is this a scam


Is this a scam

recently a guy from eBay want to buy something from me and he said that it's a gift for his cousin so he also wants me to buy a 400 eBay gift card.

Later on, I received an email from Paypal (but looks sketchy), it says that I have to (Until you email us the picture of the eBay gift card and receipt for verification so that we can credit your PayPal account). So I bought the gift card and sent the picture of it (didn't scratch) also the receipt but now the Paypal asked me to scratch the code for them to verify. I've told them it felt not safe they said I can just scratch the last 4 digits code. is that possible??

please someone kindly help me thanks.


P.S now they sent an email to me said that if I didn't get back to them with the scratch picture code of the $400 eBay gift card and receipt of the eBay gift card within the next 24 hours I will facing some legal action.

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Re: Is this a scam



Its a scam, they are not interested in the item, only the scratch card.

No way do paypal tell you that you have to buy any sort of gift card to do anything paypal related in order to claim your money.

No money in your paypal account balance means you have not been paid and will not be paid as you are receiving fake ebay or paypal emails.

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