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Is the messaging some sort of April fools

New Community Member

Is the messaging some sort of April fools

OK, so here we go again with this persistent carry on film...


Everything was fine, and then on my dashboard an annoncement said, renew your debit card, so , as I was bored, I clicked the link...


What an absolute disaster thats still going on.. , Il lbutllett point it :


1. My companies house number is 7 digits, has been since 1993, but, no, paypal wont allow this 

2. My VAT number, same since 1993, is too long, paypal wont allow this either

3. They said as I changed info, verification is needed.  I didnt change any info

4. Had to downlaod a form, fill it out, and upload it.  The form said that I was authoprised to use my account, signed by... you guessed it , me.

5. 5 days pass, now my account is restricted..

6. Got onto messaging, explained all...  they cloased the message

7. Tried again, and Rachel advised the account is restricted, I should goto the resolution center.

8. Went there, it says everything is verified

9. Rachel emails me a canned response, says I should upload everything they ask for in the resolution centre...

10.  She listed about 10 items..  resolution center says, no, not needed..

11. Responded back to Rachel...  oh... shes gone and closed the message

12. So I phoned them..  omg...  some irate robot telling me to say what I wanted but understood nothing..

13. Afetr 45 mins he said do I want to speak to an operator, I shouted YES

14. Guess what.. he said all out offices are now closed., good bye


Is this for real ?  You couldnt make up this comical and inept scenario... its just soo inadequate its funny..