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Is a legit website


Is a legit website

Hi I just purchased a tv off this website but I have a feeling it was a scam I saw a great deal and acted to quickly and I think I’m going to regret it. The website had a Paypal checkout option witch made me think that it was legit but the phone Number. For costumer service isn’t in service. And the Support email is a hotmail email as well. How do I find out if it is a legit websites or if I was scammed I can’t find any info on the internet.
PayPal Employee

Re: Is a legit website

Good day @Taddhutch25 


Thanks for posting!


As we don't have any means to check the validity of a seller but if this transaction was paid through PayPal, I am glad to inform you that we offer coverage for a buyer when an item isn’t received or if received but significantly not as described.


For your reference, please click the link/s below.


I didn't receive my item or it's different than described. Should I open a dispute? 



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