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Is PayPal A Joke or a Circus?


Is PayPal A Joke or a Circus?

I don't use my account much, but got a refund for a cancelled purchase. It could be this that triggered the account limit.


Fine, I'll provide all the details to resolve this, but when it comes to complete the "Provide proof of fulfilment", I get the following error:

Provide proof of fulfilment

We can't find any recent orders. Please contact Customer Service on [Removed. Phone #s not permitted]and reference number PP-L-236953987456.


Called up the UK number for ther Customer Service, followed the Robo prompt, then get the "This service is currently not available, please use the Resolution Centre". 


I use the Resolution Centre in hope to message an agent, then I see the same thing - This service is currently unavailable, please call the customer service.


This is not even funny anymore as my account has been limited for over 3 months.